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Monday, 31 March 2014


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” 
- Mark Twain


" many people live within unhappy circumstances and yet will not take the initiative to change their situation because they are conditioned to a life of security, conformity, and conservatism, all of which may appear to give one peace of mind, but in reality nothing is more damaging to the adventurous spirit within a man than a secure future. The very basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day, to have a new and different sun." 
- Chris McCandless, 'Into the Wild'

Sebuah produksi hasil dari kolaborasi kami bersama Akudesign Adc clothing! Dibawah tema yang bernama "Project Wilderness 2014".

Tema ini bersempena pengembaraan terbesar kami iaitu " Journey to Homeland by Sick Siders Malaysia ", dimana kami mengejar impian kami untuk mengelilingi dunia dengan berbasikal!

Terima kasih yang tidak terhingga kepada AKUDESIGN clothing yang turut sama menjayakan kolaborasi ini dan untuk kualiti yang dijamin terbaik!

Teruskan menyokong kami semua! 
Dapatkan tshirt ini nanti, membeli sambil menderma untuk tabung pengembaraan kami!

Semoga impian anda juga akan tercapai suatu hari nanti!!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Date a boy who travels. Date a boy who treasures experience over toys, a hand-woven bracelet over a Rolex. Date the boy who scoffs when he hears the words, "vacation," "all-inclusive" or "resort." Date a boy who travels because he's not blinded by a single goal but enlivened by many.

You might find him in an airport or at a bookstore browsing the travel guides -- although he "only uses them for reference."

You'll know it's him because when you peek at his computer screen his background will be a scenic splendor of rolling hills, mountains or prayer flags. His Facebook friend count will be over-the-roof and his wall will be plastered with the broken English 'miss-you' of friends he met along the way. When he travels he makes lifelong friends in an hour. And although contact with these friends is sporadic and may be far-between his bonds are unmessable and if he wanted he could couch surf the world... again.

Buy him a beer. Maybe the same brand that he wears on the singlet under his plaid shirt, unable to truly let go. Once a traveller gets home people rarely listen to his stories. So listen to him. Allow him to paint a picture that brings you into his world. He might talk fast and miss small details because he's so excited to be heard. Bask in his enthusiasm. Want it for yourself.

He'll squeak like an excited toddler when his latest issue of National Geographic arrives in the mail. Then he'll grow quiet, engrossed, until he finishes his analysis of every photo, every adventure. In his mind he'll insert himself in these pictures. He'll pass the issue on to you and grill you about your dreams and competitively ask about the craziest thing you've ever done. Tell him. And know that he'll probably win. And if by chance you win, know that his next lot in life will be to out do you. But then he'll say, "Maybe we can do it together."

Date the boy who talks of distant places and whose hands have explored the stone relics of ancient civilizations and whose mind has imagined those hands carving, chiseling, painting the wonders of the world. And when he talks it's as if he's reliving it with you. You can almost hear his heart racing. You can almost feel the adrenaline ramped up by the moment. You feel it passing through his synapsis, a feast to his eyes entering through those tiny oracles of experience that we call pupils, digesting rapidly through his veins, manifesting into his nervous system, transforming and altering his worldview like a reverse trauma and finally passing but forever changing the colors of his sight. (Unless he's Karl Pilkington.) You will want this too.

Date a boy who's lived out of a backpack because he lives happily with less. A boy who's travelled has seen poverty and dined with those who live in small shanties with no running water, and yet welcome strangers with greater hospitality than the rich. And because he's seen this he's seen how a life without luxury can mean a life fueled by relationships and family rather than a life that fuels fancy cars and ego. He's experienced different ways of being, respects alternative religions and he looks at the world with the eyes of a five-year-old, curious and hungry. Your dad will be happy too because he's good with money and knows how to budget.

This boy relishes home; the comfort of a duvet, the safety stirred in a mom-cooked meal, the easy conversation of childhood friends and the immaculate glory of the flush-toilet. Although fiercely independent, he has had time to reflect on himself and his relationships. Despite his wanderlust he knows and appreciates his ties to home. He has had a chance to miss and be missed. Because of this he also knows a thing or two about goodbyes. He knows the overwhelming uncertainty of leaving the comforts of home, the indefinite see-you-laters at the departure gates and yet he fearlessly goes into the unknown because he knows the feeling of return. And that the I've-missed-you-hug is the best type of hug in the whole world. He also knows that goodbyes are just prolonged see-you-laters and that 'hello' is only as far away as the nearest internet cafe.

Don't hold onto this boy. Let this boy go and go with him. If you haven't travelled, he will open your eyes to a world beyond the news and popular perception. He will open your dreams to possibility and reality. He will calm your nerves when you're about to miss a flight or when your rental blows a flat because he knows the journey is the adventure. He will make light of the unsavory noises you make when you -- and you will -- get food poisoning. He will make you laugh through the discomfort all while dabbing your forehead with a cold cloth and nursing you with bottled water. He will make you feel like you're home.

When you see something beautiful he will hold your hand in silence, in awe the history of where his feet stand and the fact that you're with him.

He will live in every moment with you because this is how he lives his life. He understands that happiness is no more than a string of moments that displace neutrality and he is determined to tie as many of these strings together as he can. He also understands your need to live for yourself and that you have a bucket list of your own. Understand his. Understand that your goals may at some points differ but that independence is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship when it's mutually respected. You may lose him for a bit but he will always come home bearing a new story and a souvenir he picked up because it reminded him of you, like it was made for you and because he missed you. You might be compelled to do the same. Make sure that independence is on your bucket list and make sure it's checked. Independence will keep your relationship fresh and exciting and when you're together again it will forge a bond of unbreakable trust.

He'll propose when you've breached your comfort-zone, whether it is a fear like skydiving or swimming with sharks or sitting next to the smelly person on an overcrowded bus. It won't be with a diamond ring but with a token from a native culture or inspired by nature, like the penguin and the pebble.

You will get married somewhere unassumed, surrounded by a select few in a moment constructed to celebrate venturing into the unknown together again. Marry the boy who's travelled and together you will make the whole world your home. Your honeymoon will not be forgotten to a buffet dinner and all-you-can-drink beach bars, but will be remembered in the triumphant photographs at the top of Kilimanjaro and memorialized in the rewarding ache of muscles at the end of a long days hike.

When you're ready you will have children that have the names of the characters you met on your journeys, the foreign names of people who dug a special place in your heart if only for a few days. Perhaps you will live in another country and your children will learn of language and customs that open their minds from the very start, leaving no room for prejudice. He will introduce them to the life of Hemingway, the journey of Santiago, and empower them to live even bigger than both of you.

Marry a boy who travels and he'll teach your children the beauty of a single stone, the history of the Incas and he will instill in them the bravery of possibility. He will explain to them that masking opportunity there is fear. He will teach them to concur it.

And when you're old you'll sit with your grandchildren poring over your photo albums and chest of worldly treasures while they too insert themselves into your photographs, sparked by the beauty of the world and inspired by your life in it.

Find a boy who travels because you deserve a life of adventure and possibility. You deserve to live light and embrace simplicity. You deserve to look at life through the eyes of youth and with your arms wide open. Because this is where you will find joy. And better, you will find joy together. And if you can't find him, travel. Go. Embrace it. Explore the world for yourself because dreams are the stuff reality is made from.

Inspired by the work of Charles Warnke (You Should Date An Illiterate Girl) and Rosemarie Urquico (Date A Girl Who Reads).

Saturday, 22 March 2014


SHUHADA MANSOR kagum dengan kecekalan tiga anak muda yang nekad meneroka tiga negara dalam misi mengenali lebih dekat perihal manusia daripada latar belakang bahasa, budaya, agama bahkan adat berbeza. Kongsi kisah suka duka perjalanan mereka yang diceritakan kepada Gen Y.

Bermula dengan borak kosong di kedai makan, akhirnya tiga anak muda ini merealisasikan hasrat mereka berbasikal merentasi tiga negara dalam masa 20 hari. Pengalaman menarik ini diceritakan kepada penulis dengan penuh bersemangat diselangi kisah suka duka ketika terpaksa menghadapi pelbagai dugaan dan cabaran sepanjang perjalanan.

Berbasikal dalam jarak yang jauh bukannya mudah. Namun bagi Wan Abdul Haq Wan Yaacob, 29, yang mahu dipanggil Dol menjelaskan, apa saja kesukaran yang bermain di kepala pada peringkat awal pasti lenyap sekiranya kita nekad untuk melakukannya.

Perjalanan sejauh 1,400 kilometer (km) itu memberi persepsi berbeza buat Dol dan dua rakannya berusia 25 tahun iaitu Muhammad Adib Mohamad Al dan Mohd Azrulhan Mohd Shafiei mengenai sifat kemanusiaan sesama manusia selain meneroka sendiri flora dan fauna.

Cuma berbekalkan RM400 setiap seorang, Dol berkata, misi itu memakan masa selama 20 hari bermula 25 Februari lalu. Menurut Dol, duit itu dikumpul mereka sendiri dengan setiap seorang perlu mengeluarkan RM400.

“Mungkin secara kasar kita akan anggarkan jumlah itu tidak cukup tetapi memadai buat kami kerana tidak tinggal di hotel. Kami bawa khemah dan bekalan makanan sendiri seperti mi segera, makanan dalam tin serta makanan ringan untuk menjamu selera. Jika berhenti di mana-mana pekan kecil, kami cuba beli nasi putih dan lauknya kami sediakan sendiri, itu lebih jimat.

“Kebanyakan kawasan kami berhenti untuk bermalam adalah di tepi pantai. Lebih mudah dan senang untuk berkhemah. Antara kenangan manis yang saya ingat ketika kami di Pantai Puteri, Melaka. Selepas berkayuh dari Batu Pahat, semuanya lapar dan sejuk jadi kami putuskan untuk makan mi segera. Tapi bukan mi segera saja, kami berkesempatan menikmati udang segar dari laut yang dibeli dengan harga cuma RM4 daripada nelayan di situ yang menangkap udang pesisir pantai. Satu memori baru yang kekal kukuh dalam ingatan,” katanya.

Katanya, berbasikal tidak memerlukan minyak petrol untuk bergerak seperti kenderaan lain. Justeru, ia lebih jimat, sekali gus dapat mengurangkan kos perbelanjaan.

Menurut Dol, apabila terlalu fikirkan mengenai misi jelajah ke negara orang, yang selalu difikirkan adalah tempat tinggal. Itu kebiasaannya.

Namun, bagi tiga sekawan ini, mereka tidak terlalu pentingkan keselesaan kerana apa yang lebih penting adalah rasa berdikari dan dekat dengan masyarakat yang diutamakan.

Katanya lagi, selain makanan, dana itu digunakan untuk membeli tiket bas dari Kuala Lumpur ke Ipoh, Perak, tiket kereta api dari Hatyai ke Narathiwat dan tiket bot dari Takbai, Thailand ke Pengkalan Kubur, Kelantan.


Ketiga-tiga anak Johor ini memulakan misi mereka dengan kayuhan pertama dari Johor Bahru memasuki Singapura. Meneroka beberapa hari di negara pesat membangun itu membuatkan mereka lebih kenal perilaku masyarakat tempatan berbanding apa yang dihidangkan di televisyen selama ini.

“Singapura negara yang bersih dan rakyatnya penuh berdisiplin tetapi pada pandangan saya sendiri, masyarakat tempatan di sana kurang rasa tanggungjawab terhadap orang lain jika nak dibandingkan dengan kita (masyarakat Malaysia) ataupun penduduk Thailand.

“Sebagai orang luar, kami kurang mahir susur galur laluan basikal di sana tetapi apabila mengetahui diri dah buat salah, mudah rasa takut kerana polis di sana lebih tegas tegurannya. Itu sedikit sebanyak apa yang saya boleh kongsi ketika di Singapura,” katanya.

Berkongsi pengalaman sama, Adib berkata, antara daerah kecil yang mereka lalui termasuk Pontian, Batu Pahat, Port Dickson, Kuala Kangsar, Taiping, Sungai Petani, Jitra, Bukit Kayu Hitam dan beberapa lagi bandar kecil di Thailand.

“Jika nak bandingkan penduduk di setiap kawasan memang ada bezanya, lain tempat lain cara hidup. Seperti yang kita sudah tahu, masyarakat Malaysia umumnya memang peramah. Jika ditanya pandangan saya terhadap penduduk Thailand, apa yang saya dapat lihat mereka ini cukup ringan tulang untuk membantu orang lain tak kiralah sama ada orang luar atau sesama mereka walaupun tidak kenal satu sama lain.

“Kawasan kami lalui adalah di Selatan Thailand, dianggarkan lebih 95 peratus masyarakatnya beragama Islam. Komunikasi juga tidak terlalu sukar kerana rata-rata mereka memahami bahasa Melayu tetapi bezanya dapat dilihat dari segi adab dan perlakuan. Bagi saya, berpeluang melihat cara hidup masyarakat lain dengan mata kepala sendiri berjaya mencipta dimensi baru perihal peradaban manusia,” katanya.


Sementara itu, Azrulhan berkata, walaupun mereka diduga pelbagai cabaran fizikal dan mental tetapi tidak pernah sesekali terlintas untuk membatalkan misi itu. Jelasnya, ketika di Sungai Petani, Kedah, Adib mengalami demam panas selama beberapa hari hingga dia terpaksa dibawa ke klinik, namun semangat berkobar-kobar mahu menyempurnakan misi itu membuatkan mereka tetap meneruskan perjalanan.

Bukan itu saja, beberapa masalah teknikal seperti tayar basikal pancit dan rantai basikal putus terpaksa dihadapi, namun mujurlah mereka bersiap sedia lebih awal dengan membawa peralatan membaiki kerosakan.

Azrulhan menambah, antara cabaran lain termasuklah ketika melalui kawasan berbukit di Thailand iaitu Bukit Jelapang, sempadan antara Yala dan Narathiwat.

“Kawasan di situ berbukit bahkan jalan raya juga beralun dan curam. Nak dijadikan cerita, Adib terjatuh sewaktu turun bukit, kecederaan tak teruk tapi luka di kaki dan tangan. Yang menariknya, sewaktu kami sedang mengangkat basikal Adib, ada seorang pak cik menaiki kenderaan pacuan empat roda turut melalui kawasan itu. Dia berhenti dan tanya apa tujuan kami, lepas sesi soal jawab dia mengajak kami bermalam di rumahnya.

“Tipu kalau kami tidak ada rasa was-was pada mulanya tapi apabila melihat keikhlasan itu, kami akui dia memang seorang yang baik. Lebih memeranjatkan apabila kami ke rumahnya dan dapat tahu dia bukan calang-calang orang kerana memegang jawatan ketua daerah di situ. Itu antara kenangan manis yang tak akan kami lupakan. Memang ada hikmah di sebalik musibah yang terjadi,” katanya.

Secara keseluruhannya, Dol berkata, misi itu antara kejayaan terbaik bagi mereka bertiga setakat ini. Jika sebelum ini mereka hanya berbasikal di kawasan Semenanjung tetapi dengan kejayaan ini membuatkan mereka yakin dapat melakukan sesuatu lebih besar pada masa depan.

Difahamkan, misi ini juga berperanan sebagai latihan bagi mereka untuk projek kayuhan seterusnya dinamakan ‘Journey To HomeLand: United Kingdom - Malaysia’. Misi ini membabitkan kayuhan sejauh 29,000km dalam tempoh 17 bulan bermula di United Kingdom pada Julai ini. Semoga berjaya anak muda Malaysia!

Jutaan terima kasih buat saudari  Shuhada Mansor, Journalist Generasi Y akhbar harian Metro.

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Sunday, 23 February 2014


We've created this "SURVIVAL TOUR" as a pre-training before the real journey started on July. 

This survival tour is about to SURVIVAL in 3 countries, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

From Woodlands-Tuas-Woodlands-Johor-Malacca-Negeri Sembilan-Putrajaya-Selangor-Kuala Lumpur-Perak-Kedah-Bukit Kayu Hitam-Danok-Hat Yai-Yala-Narathiwat-Tak Bai-Kelantan.

A 1500km total of kilometer; 1100km ride and 400km by bus, train and boat.

With only using RM400 in 20 days.

Special thanks to KHASS BICYCLE for sponsoring us bicycle touring equipment and services.

Terima kasih kepada KHASS BICYCLE sebab sponsor kami peralatan untuk touring dan servis percuma.

VINCITA handlebar bag. A must have while travelling, easy to pull out and can be a sling bag, also got hidden pouch inside and waterproof map viewer.

VINCITA handlebar bag. Perlu ada bag ni jika anda mahu bikepack, mudah dicabut dan dijadikan beg simpang, Didalamnya juga terdapat satu lagi poket tersembunyi, boleh letak passport, ic dan duit, juga terdapat tempat letak map kalis air diatasnya.

Our first night, located at Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar, Johor. Thanks to the guard for letting us sleep here. After Subuh prayer we have our breakfast and enter Singapore from Woodlands and planning to go out to Tuas checkpoint.

Lokasi tidur malam pertama kami di atas bukit Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar. Terima kasih pada pakcik guard yang beri kami tidur disini semalaman. Selepas subuh kami sarapan dan masuk ke Singapore melalui Woodlands pada jam 8 pagi dan bercadang masuk ke Malaysia melalui Tuas checkpoint.

Stuff we bring while bikepacking.

Antara peralatan yang dibawa.


What a disaster when we can't go out to Tuas Checkpoint, so we need to turn back to Woodlands before dark. We didn't bring Singapore dollars, only 3 buns and 2 bottle of water.

Tragedi di Singapore, tak boleh berkayuh keluar Tuas checkpoint dan terpaksa patah balik ke Woodlands checkpoint. Kami tak tukar duit ke Singapore dollar dan hanya berbekalkan 3 bungkus roti dan dua botol air untuk dikongsi bertiga.

Location at Muar, Johor. Record a timeline for our Survival Tour video. We cycle, no vehicles follow, no marshall, no filming crew, and no photographer followed us.

Lokasi di Muar, Johor. Rakam timeline untuk video Survival Tour kami. Kami kayuh sendiri, kami pikul beban sendiri, kami tangkap gambar sendiri, dan kami rakam video kami sendiri.


Filming in progress.

Rakaman sedang dijalankan.

Were one of the signature drink in Muar, Johor.

Jus pear, jika datang ke Muar mesti kena cari air ni! Menyegarkan!

Malacca signature, trishaw!

Melaka yang terkenal dengan beca.

Roti Manja, only in Muar! Delicious if you eat it with honey!

Roti Manja, hanya di Muar. Makan dengan madu, fuhh!

Special thanks to Bai and family for the hospitality given while 2 days we're in Muar. Till we meet again!

Jutaan terima kasih buat Bai dan keluarga, beri kami tempat tinggal, bawa kami makan, betulkan basikal kami sepanjang 2 hari kami tinggal di Muar. Sampai ketemu lagi!

Facing the hot weather after strong windy in Johor and Malacca. Located in Sepang.

Cuaca panas di Sepang setelah angin kuat di Johor dan Melaka. Terhidrat cepat, tak ada kedai berpuluh kilometer!

Selfie under the hotness of sun.

Selfie di bawah sinaran cahaya matahari.

Take a short relax from the hotness.

Berehat sebentar, kepanasan!

Reaching Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

Sudah hampir sampai ke Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

Our next stop, Port Dickson! What a beautiful beach!

Destinasi seterusnya, pantai Port Dickson! Pantai dan pemandangan yang cantik!

After battling with hotness of sun and strong wind, we manage to arrive here at Putrajaya. According to plan, we want to sleep here but then we've decided to cycle a bit more to Kuala Lumpur and take a bus at Pudu to Ipoh, Perak. We've used the route from Ipoh to Shah Alam so we decided not to repeat it again.

Setelah berjuang dengan kepanasan dan angin yang kuat akhirnya kami tiba di Putrajaya. Mengikut plan asal kami ingin berehat saja disini, tapi tukar untuk kayuh hingga ke Kuala Lumpur dan mengambil bas terus ke Ipoh, Perak. Perjalanan dari Ipoh ke Shah Alam sudah kami buat sebelum ini dan kami tak berniat untuk mengulanginya lagi.

Soon arriving at Ipoh, we've had our first night at Ooi & Comrades Mansion, thanks to Amirul Asyraf and comrades who let us camp in front of their yard. The next day we take a walk around town and we found a mural street which the locals didn't even know these kind of places existed!

Sampai di Ipoh, kami bermalam di Ooi & Comrades Mansion, jutaan terima kasih kerana beri kami pacak khemah di halaman mereka terutamanya kepada Amirul Asyraf dan sahabat beliau. Keesokan harinya, kami jalan-jalan melihat bandar Ipoh. Banyak tempat menarik yang kami jumpa disini, plus ada juga orang-orang tempatan yang tak tahu tempat-tempat seperti ini wujud! Mural street Ipoh, Perak.

J.W.W Birch Memorial Park, if you watch carefully you'll see there one photo missing out. Theres a mitos said that all the characters were out from it but that one couldn't find his way home before 12am so thats why the photo are missing out but after we've done some survey from the locals, they said it was Rasulullah saw photo but during late 80's Majlis Agama Islam Perak brush it off because it'll be disgraceful to picture Rasulullah saw.

J.W.W Birch Memorial Park, jika anda lihat betul-betul akan kelihatan satu kelibat gambar orang hilang dari lukisan di dinding menara ini. Gambar-gambar tersebut merupakan 40 tokoh dunia. Mitos mengatakan keseluruh gambar ini keluar tetapi sebelum 12am satu gambar ini hilang jalan pulang dan tak sempat pulang, tapi setelah diselidiki oleh beberapa penduduk setempat barulah kami tahu gambar yang hilang itu adalah Rasulullah saw dimana Majlis Agama Islam telah memadamkan gambar tersebut pada penghujung tahun 80an.

Stop awhile, photo and video session.

Berhenti sebentar, tangkap gambar dan merakam video.

Usually while we're travelling, there always a beautiful spot which most travelers are unaware. In our case, we accidently took this one small route which took us to these beautiful spot where we could see a sunset. During this time, these moment would make us forget awhile our tiredness and hotness of sun while riding and enjoy the moment.

Biasanya semasa mengembara, akan selalu ada spot cantik yang tersembunyi yang most traveler tak jumpa or tak perasan, but, secara tidak sengaja kami masuk satu lorong dan jumpa spot ni, spot bergambar time sunset yang cantik gila. terbaik! Actually time travel moment macam ni yang buat kita lupa sekejap kepenatan, kebaraian, kelaparan, kepanasan dan bermacam-macam lagi.

Were a dengue suspect, had a bad fever, bad day, slow ride but thanks to Zulkifli Hafiz for letting us stay for 3 days at his home, bring me to the nearest clinic and the hospitality given to us, really appreciate it!.

Demam panas, cirit birit, suspek denggi. Terima kasih kepada Zulkifli Hafiz sekeluarga kerana beri kami tempat tinggal selama 3 hari di rumah mereka, bawa saya ke klinik kerajaan berdekatan dan layanan kelas pertama yang diberikan, sangat-sangat bersyukur. Sampai ketemu lagi sahabat di sungai petani, kedah.

Skaters and old friend of Abdul Haq, meet Nabeel Mohamad, a skater and fingerboard skater in Sungai Petani, Kedah.

Bersama sahabat lama Abdul Haq, Nabeel Mohamad. Seorang skaters di Sungai Petani, Kedah.

"Who live sees, Who travel sees better"

“People who don’t travel cannot have a global view, all they see is what’s in front of them. Those people cannot accept new things because all they know is where they live.” – Martin Yan

With the official crew of Pijak Rakap, meet Zamet, Tang and Nafis. Thanks for dropping by. Appreciate it!

Bersama geng Pijak Rakap, dari kiri Zamet, Tang dan Nafis. Terima kasih kerana datang menjenguk kami, rindukan tour kita sebelum ini dari Sungai Petani ke Koh Phangan!

Entering from Bukit Kayu Hitam and heading to Hatyai, Thailand. Photo taken at Danok, Thailand.

Kami masuk ke Thailand melalui Bukit Kayu Hitam dan menuju ke Hatyai. Lokasi gambar di Danok. Jalan yang lurus panjang, berbukit bukau, panas, highway tidak bertol.

In front of us is the Central Hatyai Shopping Mall

Dihadapan kami tersergam mega Central Hatyai Shopping Mall.

Stop awhile and thinking of where to sleep tonight.

Berehat sebentar memikirkan mana nak camp di tengah bandar metropolitan ini.

Our place for tonight, Muslim Association Haadyai, RM30 per night.

Tempat kami bermalam iaitu di Muslim Association Haadyai, RM30 satu malam, dibawah bilik ini adalah surau.

With our friends from Hatyai, meet Inos and Champ, thanks for the night, bring us to dinner and around Hatyai.

Perkenalkan sahabat kami di Hatyai, terima kasih kerana bawa kami jalan-jalan cari makan dan pusing-pusing Hatyai.

Had our evening brunch at Pakalooza Cafe, Hatyai. A nice and beautiful concept cafe shop.

Minum petang kami di Pakalooza Cafe, Hatyai. Konsep kedai yang menarik perhatian kami, thanks abang Benjamin bawa kami kesini.

Met solo rider cycling Thailand.

Berjumpa dengan seorang pengayuh solo kayuh pusing Thailand.

Waiting for train at Hatyai train station, our way to Yala.

Menunggu tren ke Yala di stesen keretapi Hatyai. Tiket kami beli menunjukkan tren pada pukul 2.30pm akan tiba, tunggu punya tunggu kami naik tren pada pukul 4.30pm dan tiba di Yala pada pukul 7pm.

We've been charged a RM20 for 3 bicycle, after negotiation. Otherwise it'll be RM10 per bicycle.

Kami dikenakan cas sebanyak RM20 untuk 3 buah basikal, itupun setelah berbincang dengan seorang pegawai tentera yang beragama Islam. Jika tidak harganya RM10 untuk sebuah basikal.